The A-Z Links Module allows you to display links on your website that are sorted and presented alphabetically.


  • Adding, viewing and authorising links can be controlled via module settings
  • Control the number of columns displayed
  • Optionally display images and/or hyperlinks
  • Link to a URL, Page or File on your site
  • Customise field titles and indicate which fields to enable and display
  • Indicate whether users can submit A-Z Links or limit this functionality to administrators
  • Includes CAPTCHA
  • In summary/random mode - display items from any or all other A-Z Links modules on the portal
  • No need to import A-Z Links into summary/random module - records update automatically as they are added
  • Import existing links directly from standard DNN Links Module
  • Choose roles who can authorise newly added A-Z Links
  • The A-Z Links module can be used to display a full list of links, a random number of links or a number of most recently added links. In random or recently added mode, links are displayed from either the module instance itself, or another module
  • Optionally, an image can be displayed and the link text/tooltip can be hidden
  • The page skin is displayed when adding a new link (rather than admin skin).
  • Supports multiple instances on a single page
  • Import existing links from standard DNN Links module
  • Displays page skin on all screens (not admin skin) 

Installation Details...

Install version only.
Programmed in C#
DNN 4.9.4 -> DNN 9.*

Configurable (localised) messages for:

  • Add/Edit A-Z Links form title
  • Add/Edit A-Z Links form introduction text
  • Confirmation message displayed on submit

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