Magwash IT :: Guest-imonials Module for DNNDisplay guest comments on your website with the Guest-imonials module.

Guest-imonials is flexible and can be customised, making it suitable for displaying reviews or ratings for any products or services in general.

Customise field titles and indicate which fields to enable and display.

Indicate whether users can submit Guest-imonials, or limit this functionality to administrators.

Includes CAPTCHA

Configure Guest-imonials module to display all records, or set a number to display in latest or random order.

In summary/random mode - display items from any or all other Guest-imonials modules on the portal.

No need to import Guest-imonials into summary/random module - records update automatically as they are added.
Choose roles who can authorise newly added Guest-imonials.

Default fields include:

  • Guest Name (required)
  • Guest Comment (required)
  • Date of Stay
  • Guest Email
  • Booking Reference

Configurable (localised) messages for:

  • Add/Edit Guestimonials form title
  • Add/Edit Guestimonials form introduction text
  • Confirmation message displayed on submit

    *** Australian Made

Dynamically loads controls so admin skin does not appear when adding a new item.

Supports multiple instances on same page.