Professional Website Design and Development with an Eye for Detail

Magwash IT creates simple, functional and beautiful website designs using CMS technology to showcase your business and raise your internet profile.  Servicing businesses in Perth, Bunbury, Capel, Busselton and South West Western Australia. 

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Analysis Services
This is one of our specialties! 

Understanding business goals and priorities is the first step in understanding the software that is needed in any organisation.  Secondly, determining the benefits and cost effectiveness of each module, ensures that priorities and resources are directed only towards development that is going to benefit productivity and return value for money.

Quality Assurance

Testing and QA

Another of our specialties, testing and QA is an important aspect when developing any software. 

Our extensive experience in this field, and meticulous attention to detail ensures that the software always works, even when pushed to its limits.

Affordable Business Intelligence
Content management websites enable you as the owner, to be able to manage and update your site at any time, without requiring any programming knowledge. If you know how to use word processing software then you can easily update your site and add new content such as announcements, newsletters and photos.  You can even have a secure yet flexible shopping cart or online ordering system.
We can assist you to determine your exact requirements, construct a plan to achieve both short and long term goals and follow through with the development, testing and refinement, implementation and training.
Our client list includes several Federal and State Government departments as well as small and large private enterprise organisations.
Please see our Portfolio page for more details on the work provided at our client sites.

Information Security

Whether it be protecting your computer and network against malicious attacks, or securing precious company data, we can help you to analyse the needs of your company and implement robust and secure solutions.

Security and protection begins with an awareness of the types of attacks that can occur and evaluating them against your assets in order to determine relevant risks and threats.  We offer comprehensive Risk Analysis services that not only help to generate awareness, but find real solutions to problems.  We also offer assistance with implementing concepts for ensuring the people your business depends on do not become the weak link that allows a security attack to occur.


Application Support and Maintenance

Any software we write for you is supported for its lifetime, however if you have existing software that requires support, maintenance or updates we provide relevant development, analysis and documentation services.