Professional Website Design and Development with an Eye for Detail

Magwash IT creates simple, functional and beautiful website designs using CMS technology to showcase your business and raise your internet profile.  Servicing businesses in Perth, Bunbury, Capel, Busselton and South West Western Australia. 

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Busselton Water original site
Bunbury Photographics
Department of Agriculture & Food, WA - Biosecurity in WA
Busselton Water rebranded site
Planning Direct
Website development
Coles Myer Gift Cards
websiteBiosecurity Council of WA - Biosecurity Council website
Website branding, design and development for government water authority based in Bunbury, Western Australia.
Coles Myer Insurance Claim Cards
Perkins Builders interior
Website branding & redevelopment
Department of Agriculture - Biosecurity Web Application
Perkins Builders flash home page
Website for small business based in Busselton, Western Australia.
Website branding & redevelopment
Website development
Successful Solutions

Content Management Websites

Stirling Estate Equestrian Centre
Shire Of Capel
RTO Answers
MacKillop Catholic College Busselton
Mid West GP Network
GP Down South
Cable Beachside Resort
Bunbury Cemetery Board
Perkins Builders
Busselton Water 
Planning Direct
Dudley Park Bowling Club
Biosecurity in WA
Dianne Jenkins Equine Services 
Alaya International

.Net Development projects

Department of Agriculture & Food WA - Biosecurity
.NET/SQLServer 2008 Web applicaton development and architectural guidance.

Australian Crime Commission + W.A. Police
.NET/SQLServer 2005 Web Development and architectural guidance.

Department of Treasury and Finance - Life Support Energy Equipment Subsidy Management System
Intranet Application using GAA.  Application Architecture (GAA) and Site has since been used to develop multiple applications that extend business functionality. (ASP.NET/SQLServer 2005)

Coles Myer - Corporate Ordering and Management System
Development of a system that manages business workflow processes and provided a re-usable application architecture for future systems. (ASP.NET/SQLServer 2005)

The Business Entry Point team (BEP was concerned with meeting the Government’s mandate of ensuring that all Australians could access government services online, before December 2001. (ASP/SQLServer)

    Magwash IT provided services to four main projects ::
  • Australian Business Registration Process
  • Australian Business Number Change of Details
  • Transaction Management
  • Business Activity Statement Extranet Pilot

Investec Bank (UK/South Africa)
Online Asset Management web application.  (ASP.NET/SQLServer)

ATSIC/ATSIS (Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Commission) - Community Development Employment Scheme (CDEP) Management System
Application Architecture guidance and mentoring, web application based on GAA.`

DETYA (Department of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs) - PRISMS Internet Application
Application Architecture guidance and mentoring, web application based on GAA.

BHP Steelworks (Newcastle) - Global Freight Management System
Freight Management System developed in VB6 and SQL Server.

TNT (Sydney) - Y2K Asset Record Management System
Asset Record Management System developed in VB6 and SQL Server.

Hospital Benefit Fund (HBF)
Insurance Benefit System and developed in VB6 and MS Access.

Real Estate Institute of Western Australia
Electronic Form Software developed in VB6 and MS Access.

Quality Assurance Testing Services

All Content Management Websites (listed above)
BHP Billiton
Coles Myer - Corporate Ordering and Management System
Barclays (UK)
Quality Assurance Testing Services and SQL Server Development. 
Health Insurances Commission (HIC)
Quality Assurance Testing Services for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)